Strategic Website Audit

Website collecting dust instead of dream clients?

Let’s change that.

Get a top-to-bottom assessment of your existing website with simple, results-driven recommendations for improvement – so you know exactly what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it… without redesigning the entire thing!

What is a
Strategic Website Audit?

Strategic Website Audits are designed to pinpoint where your website isn't quiiiite hitting the mark - whether it's layout, structure, flow, design, or a bit of everything - AND map out recommended improvements so you can land more (and better) clients, save time, LOVE your site, and grow your business!

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This is for you if...

  • You FULL-BODY-CRINGE when giving people a link to your site,
  • You'd loveee another set of eyes on it from someone who *actually* knows what they're looking at,
  • You're not landing clients (the type or amount) that you really want, and ehem... DESERVE!,


  • You've wasted so. much. time. fudging something together - only to hate it anyway,
  • You've evolved over time, and you want your website to reflect that,
  • It feels like you're constantly having to "sell" yourself - and you wish your website would do the heavy lifting for you.

Heck, if simply *reading about it* just gave you anxiety and that feeling of dread in your chest...

    Well my friend, I'm here to help!

    Let's figure out what's holding you back, and map out a simple, manageable path to success - so you can stop thinking about it, trust your site to do its job for you, and finally have the space to work on the things you *want* to work on.

      The process

      How it works...

      1. You'll tell me about your business, your goals, your current pain points, and what you want to accomplish with your site.
      2. I'll go through your website and create your new website strategy and customized recommendations for improvement in a Google Doc, for up to six primary webpages.
      3. We'll get on a 1-on-1 Zoom Call where we go over your audit, discuss my recommendations, and chat about any questions you have - so you feel fully confident in implementing these changes on your own!

      Audits focus on making simple changes that create big impact - ya know, tweaking your site to get better results without having to redesign the whole dang thing from scratch!

      Please note: I will not be making changes to your site for you. If you want a website revamp or from-scratch, you can get started right here.

      results-driven approach

      My Strategic Website Framework

      Your audit will follow the exact framework I use in my 1:1 client process, to ensure your website is set up in a way that’s aligned with your unique business and goals. And to get real results, obvi!

      STEP ONE:


      (way less scary than it sounds)

      Okay hear me out, because this step is key... It's THE step that sets apart a website that works, from one that never will. Here, I'll map out your new custom-to-you website strategy, aligned to YOUR business and YOUR goals.

      Prepare for allll the lightbulb moments! 💡

      STEP TWO:


      Now that we've laid the foundation for your site to *actually convert*, it's time to take a look at how she looks - and what to improve (without needing to be a professional designer).

      Because studies have shown that 94% of first impressions are *design-related* - so let's make sure yours is a good one 😉



      Finally, I'll offer page-by-page recommendations and tweaks for your website WITH a clear, manageable Action Plan so you can put the changes into place all on your own.

      What people are saying...

      get ready for *your* lightbulb moment!

      “I’d seen the term ‘take the customer through a journey on your website' but I hadn’t actually seen it *done well* anywhere. I can see it clearly now!

      - Susan Johnson, Veterinary Herbalist


      I came into my Strategic Website Audit with a large amount of dread and embarrassment, and Corine not only guided me through how to actually create a website that I like (and that reflects ME), but explained the "why" behind everything so thoroughly and clearly. Action steps were laid out really clearly and in a manageable way (woohoo!!! I actually started putting these changes into place!!). This was so far above and beyond any expectations I had for a website audit and I can't thank Corine enough!!!”

      - Cecilia Roy, Snowdrop Creative

      No more letting your site hold you back

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