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Your Website Should Be a One of a Kind Reflection of *You* & Your Unique Goals – Not the Person Who Designed It.

As a designer, I’ve been called a “Design Chameleon” more than once.

For you, that means I’m able to effortlessly step into YOUR brand, YOUR vision, YOUR style, and YOUR ~vibe~ to create a website that looks & feels like YOU *and* is set up to achieve your version of success!

Webpages expertly mapped out

Carefully cared for clients

Times clients have cried happy tears

Webpages expertly mapped out

Carefully cared for clients

Times clients have cried happy tears


Every time someone asks for your website, you’re hit with sweaty-palmed anxiety.

“Ummm, here…wanna just email me instead?!”

Your website is 0% ‘you’ and 0% helping you reach your goals.

Nothing is cohesive, organized, or “funnelized”. So you might have traffic… but you can’t pay your bills with traffic 🤷🏻‍♀️

The way your site looks makes you cringe, but you’re stuck on more than just design…

  • What do you actually need on your website?
  • How do you make it reflect the 2024 version of you?
  • WordPress & Squarespace & Shopify…. oh my 😩
  • And… where do you start?

You feel lost before you even start.

But let me letcha in on a secret…

A website created *the right way* makes everything easier.

And, hot take: it shouldn’t be a dreadful nightmare to get it done.

A better website will:



Even when you’re having more of a wipe Dorito fingers on sweatpants kind of day.



Like, oh, I donno… turning dream clients into paying ones *without* you having to wear allthehats, all the time.



Email sign-ups in the right places, time-saving automations, custom thank you pages… the DREAM.

A Strategic Website That’s Also Pretty Lets You Fin-a-lly Grow!

So you’re making more money, landing more (& better) clients, and ONLY working on projects you love.

(Well, mostly. #admin)

Sure, you could DIY it…
but you’re not exactly swimmin’ in time

  • Maybe it took you MONTHS to fudge your current site together—tearing your hair out & on the verge of tears—just to hate it a week later.
  • And templates are cool… but if you’re being honest it kiiinda feels like cramming your entire identity into the same cookie-cutter, girl-boss-style site that everyone else has.

Or you could outsource it…
but will they actually deliver?

If you’ve been let down by a designer who charged big bucks and gave zero fu….*ahem* cares 🙂 it’s no wonder you’re gettin’ clammy wondering if I can bring your vision to life.

  • What if you hate the end result?
  • Or what if it’s so techy you’re afraid to touch it?!
    (As one of those people who prefer the paper menu at the restaurant over the QR code – trust me, I get it!)

You need a website that’s done and *done right*.

By someone you trust and actually like working with.

You need…

A Strategic & Scroll-Stoppin’ Website in 3 Weeks Flat

Let’s Break that Down:

3 Weeks: Yep, it only takes 3 weeks. (4 if you need a brand, too.)

1-on-1: I tackle just 1 project at a time, so you get my undivided attention.

Website Design: That thing that happens when your business’s soul and strategy meet on a page… and the result makes you cry happy tears 😭🙏

Option 1

Website Design

Perfect if you love your brand but looooathe your website.

Imagine a custom WordPress website that makes your business (& life) wayyy easier. Think: more clients, less needing to sell yourself, & everything all in one place.

  • 30-minute Intro Call
  • 30-minute Strategy Call
  • Complete & custom-to-you website strategy
  • WordPress website with up to 6 core pages
  • Conversion-driven design
  • Coming Soon page
  • Email marketing integration
  • Social media account integration
  • Full mobile optimization
  • Rigorous testing of everything
  • Content coaching for what to write
  • Unlimited edits within our 3 weeks
  • Live launching together over Zoom
  • Personalized Offboarding Guide
  • Video Training Tutorials so you can make zero-stress website updates later

Starts at: $6500
Timeline: 3 Weeks

Option 2

Website Design + Brand

Perfect if you don’t have a brand OR you need a refresh.

Imagine the vision that’s floating around in your mind… but on paper. (Actually, on your *new* website!)

We cover EVERYTHING in my Website Design package (over there 👈👈) PLUS:

  • Creative Brief questionnaire
  • Moodboard
  • Primary and alternate logos
  • Custom color palette
  • Brand fonts
  • Patterns and textures
  • On-brand image guidelines
  • Asset licensing
  • Brand Style Guide, so you (or your team) can keep your brand looking consistent everywhere, every time.

Starts at: $8500
Timeline: 4 Weeks

hey I’m Corine

And I know this might sound obvious—maybe too obvious?—to say but, *clears throat*…

I actually do what I say I’m gonna do.

Groundbreaking, I know 😜

BUT I say this because I know what it’s like out there, and I’ve heard the horror stories.

  • You hire someone who says they’ll do one thing and then they never do anything. (Umm sorry, how is that even a thing?!?)
  • Or the end design is SO FAR OFF you wonder if they mixed up your business with someone else’s?? 😅

Like I said: Horror stories.

Here’s the Good News:


Clients have described my process as “extremely easy and SO well organized, fun (yes fun!), streamlined, on point, and nailed down to near perfection 😘👌”, just to name a few.

And communication? Yeah, that’s the skill I used to humble-brag about in job interviews 💁🏻‍♀️. So you’ll never wait days to hear from me.


After working with me, more than 60 businesses and brands have:

  • Landed clients with ease
  • Grown their business, bottom line, & street cred
  • Spent less energy grinding & more time in their zone of genius
  • Freed up their time for more adventures, travel, & fun! *cue the happy dance!*

what others are saying...


I’ve been building a business the last three years, and it’s been a lot hustling and grinding, trying to do it all… I was getting burnt out. Since working with Corine, my business has been completely reborn and the JOY is immeasurable. Plus, Corine’s really freaking cool and I just love her!”

CASI D.    Custom Website & Brand

*wipes tears* love you too!

“Corine is a professional, but acts like she’s a part of your business family.

Her ability to take an idea and create it was a joy to watch. She streamlines the entire process and dumbs down a complex digital language, so that we could understand. The website schedule is incredibly fast and efficient. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

ROB B.    Custom Website

$30K Launch


We did a sales page and in the initial launch – without a webinar or a free challenge – OVER 5% converted to sales. It was a $30k+ launch, and I attribute a lot of that to how EFFECTIVE that sales page was!”

KAYE P.    Sales Page Design

Strategic and stunning

What can I say? I have a type.

I combine your vision and personality together on a page (in a way you’ll L-O-V-E) with a results-driven, custom-to-your-goals strategy because—as I’ve become infamous for saying—without an *actual strategy*, your website is just a colorful waste of money 🙊

I said what I said.

My no-guesswork process gets your vision out of your head and onto the page, even if you have *no idea* how to put it into words… yet.


My process makes your project smooth sailing

I’m organized but flexible, and I keep you in tow all the way through.
So we get it done fast—but we’re human about it.

Here’s how it works:

The process



Making sure your website is aligned with your goals doesn’t happen by accident. We gotta dig in and prepare! (The majority of your work starts and ends here.)

✓ Creative Brief
✓ Business Strategy Questionnaire
✓ Content worksheets (Google Docs style bc #simplicity)



After we kickoff with a quick call to discuss our 3-week game plan, I’ll map out a results-driven, custom-to-your-goals website strategy and get to work building your homepage, which you’ll review—and I’ll perfect—before we move on.

✓ Strategy Call
✓ Homepage preview

  • Guided video walkthrough (so you can see everything IRL 😍)
  • PDF screenshots (so you can scroll through at your own pace)

✓ Homepage edits & feedback



Now that you *love* your homepage, I’ll build eeeeverything else. This is a feet-kicked-up week for you and a sweatpants and messy bun (not the cute kind) week for me.

✓ All website pages—designed
✓ Full website preview

  • Guided video walkthrough
  • PDF screenshots



Cue alll the confetti cannons! 🎉 The last week is about finalizing and launching. You have *unlimited revisions* until end-of-day Thursday—yes, really!—and we’ll launch your site together on Friday.

✓ Full website edits & revisions
✓ Unlimited revisions until Thursday
✓ Launch Call on Friday

  • Launch your site (& celebrate), together!
  • Personalized Offboarding Guide
  • Video Training Tutorials, so you know how to update your site

“Beyond happy! The entire process was so easy.

Our new website is all that we wanted and MORE! Before working with Corine I felt like I had no clue where to start to revamp our website and give us the look and feel that we wanted, and was hesitant at the thought of how much work it might be.

Corine made the entire process so easy, SO well organized, and an absolutely FUN experience! I enjoyed every minute working with Corine – she has her process down to near perfection!”

LISA S.    Custom Website & Brand

Let’s get nitty gritty

Frequently Asked Questions

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3-6 weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

You’ll know the exact timeframe and Launch Date before we begin, so you can start planning your Launch Party, pronto! 🎉

How long will my project take?

3-6 weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

You’ll know the exact timeframe and Launch Date before we begin, so you can start planning your Launch Party, pronto! 🎉

How much work will I have to do?

Less than you might think! The majority of your work will be completed before we even start. It’ll include things like guided worksheets, a Pinterest board, and uploading photos. The fun stuff!

Once we get started, your only task is providing feedback as we go – I’ll handle the rest!

👉Psssst! Past clients reg-u-lar-ly comment on the entire process being wayyy easier than they expected. I’ve got you!

How much do your packages cost?

Every project is custom quoted based on your wants and needs. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss pricing for your vision! On average, my clients invest $7-8k for fully custom projects with outliers on both ends. 

How will we communicate?

Via email bc #flexibility.
Because everybody’s schedules are different, I find it’s most effective to communicate via email. Plus, it ensures all of our brilliant ideas are safely kept in one place.

How should I choose a Design Date?

To get the most out of our time together, I recommend selecting a timeframe when you have the availability to be involved, even if I’m the one doing most of the work 😉

What to expect:

  • Before your project, you’ll need time to complete pre-work (expect to spend 2-3 days on this).
  • During your project, I’ll request thoughtful feedback from you about 1x per week, plus occasional emails here and there for “little things”.

Be sure to select a timeframe where this is possible. Family vacations, the first week back to school, or mid-launch for a new program would not be ideal times to build a website.

What if I can't complete my pre-work on time?

If you are worried you won’t be able to complete your pre-work on time, please send me an email and I will let you know the next available time on my Design Calendar.

Please see the question below about changing your Design Date.

Can I change my Design Date?

Because I only work with one client at a time and fully block out my calendar once a spot is booked, changing Design Dates isn’t preferred but is possible if necessary.

If you wish to change your Design Date and it’s within 5 business days after booking, your deposit can be used to hold your new Design Date on my calendar.

If it is 6 days or later after booking, your deposit cannot be used towards another Design Date or refunded.

How soon can we start? 🎉

I take on a limited number of clients each month to ensure I’m able to provide the high-quality care and attention to my clients that I pride myself on.

As such, my calendar is typically booked out 2-3 months in advance, and sometimes as much as 6 months. It’s never too early to reach out, especially if you have a specific timeframe in mind. And hey, I occasionally have a last-minute opening so it’s always worthwhile to reach out and ask!

Get started:

1. Quick questionnaire

Click right here, answer a few Qs, and I’ll be in touch to schedule a call.

2. Discovery Call

Let’s meet, virtually! We’ll dive deeper into your goals & vision, then chat about the process and answer your questions.

3. Do the dang thing!

Ready to send it?! We’ll pick a Design Date & get you booked so you can trade in website shame for website happy tears in just 3 weeks.

“Why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

– You, after we launch your new website 😉

Because at the end of the day…

A website that’s not getting you real results is just a colorful waste of money.


I’ll deliver more value than you pay for by a mile—and do it faster than you ever could. Saving you time which, as they say, IS money.


I’ll also teach you to upkeep it yourself. So your website is a one-time investment instead of a Grand Canyon-sized money pit.

You’re probably more “ready for this” than you think.

And I’m a ‘no pressure’ kinda gal

We can talk about your new website even if you don’t have all the business answers right now.

  • Even if you’re nervous about working together because, well, some previous designer did ya dirty.
  • Even if you have no idea what your website needs to say.
  • Even if you don’t know how to describe your vision, yet.

If “here to help” was a person, hiiiii it me🙋🏻‍♀️

An actual email I got from a client after sending her Homepage preview video:

“Good morning Corine!

I have watched this video at least 5 times, I love it! Seriously this is so much better than anything I could have described or imagined. You have perfectly captured the essence of our farm. I love the way it’s all integrated together, it is definitely going to make my life easier! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

RACHEL B.    Custom Website

It’s Time For Your Website to Truly Reflect You!

(And make you money, obvi 😉)

My no-guesswork process gets your vision out of your head and onto the page. Even if you have no idea how to put it into words, yet.

Go from:
“Ugh, I donno…I’ll know it when I see it.”


“Omg, it’s better than anything I could’ve imagined, how’d you know?!