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10 Website Must-Haves: Workbook

10 Website Must-Haves: Workbook


This strategy-packed workbook is kiiiind of a big deal – it’s *the* cornerstone workbook in my business & contains the 10 key components that make up my signature Strategic Website Framework. (You know, the exact one I use for my $$$$ 1:1 website design clients).

From my brain to your screen, I proudly present to you: The 10 Website Must-Haves Workbook – an *utter masterpiece*, if I do say so myself.

The 32-page interactive workbook includes both key Strategic Foundations and Design Best Practices (because “pretty” and “results-driven” don’t have to be mutually exclusive—now, you can have both!)

This fillable & printable workbook includes:

  • My 10 Website Must-Haves Checklist
  • My Website One-Liner Formula
  • 10 fill-in-the-blank worksheet pages
  • 3 checklists
  • PLUS in-depth education pages, where you’ll dive deep into each of the 10 key components

…all designed to help YOU create a website that *actually works* for you and your business. Because the non-stop hustle and grind to sell your stuff is the absolute best… said no one ever.

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The Ultimate Website One-Liner Formula Workbook

The Ultimate Website One-Liner Formula Workbook

Your Website One-Liner is THE most important sentence on your website. This one sentence will not only tell visitors exactly what you do, but it will reassure your ideal clients that YOU are the perfect fit they’ve been looking for!

Without a website one-liner, you run the risk of confusing your visitors and having them feel less-than-confident that you’re the right person for them.

This 8-page interactive workbook walks you through my exact Website One-Liner Formula, and is so easy and effective that you’ll wonder why you didn’t write yours sooner! Plus, it’ll pull readers in right from the get-go, so you have the opportunity to really sell yourself without them immediately closing the tab.

*This formula is included in the 10 Website Must-Haves Workbook, so if you’ve already purchased that workbook, there’s no need to purchase this one as well.

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