Stop losing sleep over your embarrassing website, and get ready to be DANG PROUD of it! ?

Often times the difference between an “okay website” and a website that turns heads isn’t as dramatic as you may think.

By implementing just a few oh-so-simple (yet often overlooked) tricks of the trade, you’ll be breathing fresh life into your formerly underwhelming website – in no time at all! ?

In this 20-page interactive workbook I outline the 7 KEY COMPONENTS that all kickass websites have in common, AND how to implement them into your website TODAY! Learn the small changes you can make on your own, to make a big difference!

This interactive workbook includes:

  • The 7 Website Must-Haves
  • Education pages
  • Fill-in-the-blank worksheet pages
  • Checklists

…all designed to help you start taking baby steps towards your new, revived website that you’ll be proud to show off!

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