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My ambitious and amazing clients have described our time together as “incredible, game changing, and a total blast.”

But don’t take my word for it, read their thoughts & experiences for yourself.

OMG I want to cry because my website is so beautiful!

“When I start my next company the first person I will call will be Corine. She is THAT good! Not only did Corine instantly feel like a friend, but she also walked us through critical steps we completely overlooked. Her talent is unmatched!

What I liked most about working with Corine was she’s an amazing communicator! Even when it came to seeing versions of the website, she made videos walking us through each page & feature which was really thoughtful.”

Meda T.
Tech Startup CEO
San Francisco, CA

Corine is your girl!

Corine is a true pleasure to work with and a complete professional. She is incredibly creative and has a knack for bringing out exactly what you imagine in your head.

This is the second website I have worked on with Corine and I look forward to many more in the future. If you need your website redone, created from scratch, anything, she is who you need!

Ellie B.
Prosper, TX

From burnt out to immeasureable joy!

“I’ve been building a business the last three years, and it’s been a lot hustling and grinding, trying to do it all…and I was getting burnt out. Since working with Corine, my business has been completely reborn and the JOY is immeasurable. She has been the catalyst to my business, and that is just priceless. Plus, she’s really freaking cool and I just love her!

She honors YOUR time, so she gives you all of her energy to create what your business needs, in a timeline that allows you to get it out into the world ASAP!

Corine’s so proficient in her line of work and ALWAYS honors what you want… she’s not the type of person to persuade you to do more. She genuinely listens to you, offers her insight based on her vast knowledge and experiences, and honors your final decisions.

Casi D.
Gym Owner & Certified Personal Trainer
Ellicottville, NY

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I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect

“Corine is creative, knowledgeable, and efficient in her work. She sets you up on an individualized, detailed timeline for you and your project. She is available and easy to communicate with.

Before working together I felt nervous to overhaul my website because of all the work I feared it would entail, but also because we were closed and going into the weeks of Covid. I was nervous about my own lack of knowledge on terms/technology, what the workload would look like for me, and simply the fear of the unknown. Corine helped me overcome these fears by walking me through every step of the way with an outlined and thorough plan in place.

My completed brand and website is awesome! I love how beautiful the site is and how easy it is to navigate. I’m really grateful that we connected and I truly hope to continue our work together in the future.”

Laura S.
Owner of an Outdoor Apparel Shop
Ellicottville, NY

Everything was fun, easy, and top notch – Corine’s simply the BEST!

“I loved how there was no guessing about the process! Everything was so well organized and Corine was so encouraging and fun to work with every step of the way. Our website is all that we wanted and MORE! I wish we had another website to work on with her!

From the 1-on-1 Zoom calls that were so personal and encouraging, to the text & email reminders, helpful videos, the “to-do list” software to keep me on track for my tasks, all the way to the launch of our beautiful website… everything was TOP NOTCH, 1st class! Corine gave us the red carpet treatment and made it an absolutely FUN experience! She was so reliable and her work speaks for itself!

Our new website is exactly what we wanted! It’s perfect! Couldn’t have asked for better! We are beyond happy and can’t wait to hire her again when we start our next business! Corine is simply the BEST!”

Lisa S.
Veterinary Clinic Co-owner & Practice Manager
Prosper, TX

Want your website to work FOR you?

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I cried! It was everything I imagined, but better

“Before working with Corine, I had tried to DIY my own website, but I kept hitting roadblocks that were eating up a lot of my time. I began feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, like I was drowning and going nowhere.

Discouraged, I reached out to Corine and after a few short emails I knew she was the right fit!

After working with Corine, I can’t tell you how beyond happy I am with my final website. I literally cried with tears coming down my face when I looked at the completed site. It was everything I imagined, but better.

Every time I look at my new website, I am overwhelmed with such gratitude and in awe at how beautifully Corine created the site and brought my vision to fruition. And she did it with such grace and poise. Her feathers were never ruffled, and she stayed patient with my busy schedule and forgetfulness.

The amount of compliments I have received, and the professional look of the new site – I can honestly say that I received far more than what I paid for and the return on this investment has already begun to repay itself ten fold.

If you want to take your business to the next level, I can’t stress the importance of a good website. Corine will not only create your website for you, but she will consult with you on the best approach to get the most out of the website, to help your business be in its most optimal position.”

Neda K.
Influencer & Boutique Owner
Dallas, TX

I never could’ve done this myself. Corine’s the best!

“Corine is the best! I’m convinced we were made to work together! ❤️❤️

She is so down to earth. Probably the one thing that I love about her the most is as she’s working with you, Corine is SUCH a cheerleader. When you run out of ideas, or you don’t know what to say or write, she’s RIGHT there. She always had an answer and walked me through each step of the way – I needed that reassurance.

She’s got your back and wants you to be happy in the end. I’ve worked with Corine on a website design twice now – with completely opposite design elements – and all I can say is, she listens. She creates and then she executes. When I first saw my new website I immediately thought “Why didn’t I do this sooner???”

After working together I feel SO excited about what’s to come – I never could have done this by myself! The way Corine taught me to edit my new site was great – I even have videos I can refer back to. I’m confident my new website is going to help me crush it at effectively bringing in new photography clients. Overall, Corine is super easy to work with and you’ll easily become besties in the process!”

Morgan K.
Boudoir Photographer
Hamburg, NY

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Corine is detail-oriented, smart, goal-focused, & superb!

“Before working with Corine I felt lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, and sad that I was going to have to live with an ugly website (or no site at all) because mine was an embarrassment.

I had tried to work with a few designers on two separate websites in the past, and it was an awful process. I was weary of trying it all again. From working with Corine on a previous, smaller project, I knew she knew her stuff.

After working with Corine I feel super excited to launch my new website! My new site will help in establishing my business’ credibility and enabling me to professionally conduct business.

Corine is a resource I would work with over and over again. Not only is she detail-oriented, smart, goal-focused, and superb at what she does every day, but she makes those she works with better by providing them with lovely graphics & websites, and her can-do-will-do attitude.

I recommend her services to anyone I know!”

Publicist & PR Expert
Plano, TX

I couldn’t be happier!

“Corine is a blessing and has created a website and brand that will take my business to the next level. It was such a good experience! She is the go-to person!

Corine is a professional, incredibly knowledgeable, her process and format is on point, and I could not be happier with the end product! She was very patient, understanding, and thorough through the process of creating my new website. After working with Corine, I definitely feel more confident about sharing information and very excited about the brand; very satisfied with my investment.

Deborah W.
Real Estate Professional
McKinney, TX