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results of working with me:

“We did a sales page and in the initial launch without a webinar, without a free challenge OVER 5% converted to sales. It was a $30k+ launch, and I attribute a lot of that to how EFFECTIVE that sales page was!”

Kaye Putnam
Psychology-Driven Brand Strategist & Online Educator

“I literally cried when I saw my completed site!

Before working with Corine, I had tried to DIY my own website, but I kept hitting roadblocks that were eating up a lot of my time. I began feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, like I was drowning and going nowhere. I can honestly say that I received far more than what I paid for and the return on this investment has already begun to repay itself!”

NEDA K.    Custom Website & Brand

tears of happiness

“So far above and beyond any expectations

I came into my Strategic Website Audit with a large amount of dread and embarrassment, and Corine not only guided me through how to actually create a website that I like (and that reflects ME), but explained the “why” behind everything so thoroughly and clearly.

Action steps were laid out really clearly and in a manageable way (woohoo!!! I actually started putting these changes into place!!). I can’t thank Corine enough!!!”

CECILIA R.    Strategic Website Audit

“Corine is a professional, but acts like she’s a part of your business family.

Her ability to take an idea and create it was a joy to watch. She streamlines the entire process and dumbs down a complex digital language, so that we could understand. The website schedule is incredibly fast and efficient. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

ROB B.    Custom Website

“When I start my next company the first person I will call will be Corine. She is that good.

Not only did Corine instantly feel like a friend, but she also walked us through critical steps we completely overlooked. Her talent is unmatched!”

MEDA T.    Custom Website & Brand

14.2% conversion rate

“The investment is worth every penny!

Corine designed a sales page for me and it exceeded aaallllll of my expectations. The process was very easy and streamlined, and the finished product was crazy-attractive and on-brand.

But most importantly, it was VERY effective. The sales page Corine designed converted at 14.2% on my first launch. Plus, now I have a highly-effective and gorgeous sales page to use in the evergreen funnel I’m creating to sell this offer, too.”

JANA O.    Sales Page Design


Our new website is all that we wanted and MORE! Before working with Corine I felt like I had no clue where to start to revamp our website and give us the look and feel that we wanted, and was hesitant at the thought of how much work it might be.

Corine made the entire process so easy, SO well organized, and an absolutely FUN experience! I enjoyed every minute working with Corine – she has her process down to near perfection!”

LISA S.    Custom Website & Brand

“Corine is the best! I’m convinced we were made to work together! ❤️ ❤️

She is so down to earth. Probably the one thing that I love about her the most is as she’s working with you, Corine is SUCH a cheerleader. When you run out of ideas, or you don’t know what to say or write, she’s RIGHT there. She always had an answer and walked me through each step of the way – I needed that reassurance.”

MORGAN K.    Custom Website & Brand


I’ve been building a business the last three years, and it’s been a lot hustling and grinding, trying to do it all… I was getting burnt out. Since working with Corine, my business has been completely reborn and the JOY is immeasurable. Plus, Corine’s really freaking cool and I just love her!”

CASI D.    Custom Website & Brand

*wipes tears* love you too!

happy screenshots